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Recommended pixel resolution is 180DPI @ 100% final size.

Some page layout programs will not allow you to build a page large enough for a full size banner. In this case, build the page proportionate to its final printed size. For instance, if you create an 8"x10" file, we can print it at 16"x20", 32"x40" or any other size that maintains proportions. The things to watch here are raster files (like photos) from programs like Photoshop. As mentioned above, you must have at least 180 dpi at the finished, printed size. Refer to the table below for the proper dpi at a given scale.

Example 1:

If you build a file at 8"x10" and want us to print it at 400% (32"x40"), you must place a 720 dpi file at 100% in your original file.

To maintain a minimum 180 dpi final resolution

If your enlargement is: Set your dpi to:
  Minimum Optimal
100% 150 dpi 180 dpi
150% 225 dpi 270 dpi
200% 300 dpi 360 dpi
250% 375 dpi 450 dpi
300% 450 dpi 540 dpi
350% 525 dpi 630 dpi
400% 600 dpi 720 dpi
450% 675 dpi 810 dpi
500% 750 dpi 900 dpi
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