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Adobe Illustrator was created for line art (vector art). That line art was meant to be imported and placed into InDesign.

However, many designers want to use Illustrator as a page layout program. To do this, or to create files that will be placed in other programs, follow these simple guidelines:

Warning on placing photos in Illustrator: Besides making your Illustrator file huge, photos print poorly from Illustrator. The program simply wasn’t designed to have photgraphs placed inside of it. Photos will tend to be lighter than expected, with less contrast. (Sort of grayed out). Adobe recommends our customers design their files in InDesign.

If your file does not have photos, illustrator outputs nicely and as expected.

  • Color:  Under “Edit > Color Settings...” be sure the “Enable Color Management” button is unclicked so that color management is turned off.
  • Design: Our Illustrator templates make it simple. Just follow the basic guide lines included with each template and your design will be a success. There is an EPS file for previous versions of Illustrator.  You can find all templates on each of our products' web pages.
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