PosterGarden Fund for Arts, Culture and Gardens

PosterGarden is proud to support arts, culture, and gardens in our community.

Established in 2010, the PosterGarden Fund for Arts, Culture & Gardens helps organizations in our community discover and advance innovative ways of enhancing their development efforts. As community partners, we provide opportunities, funding, resources, and encouragement to selected non-profits to strengthen their mission and support their vision.

How we do it:Our approach to supporting arts, culture, and gardens follows an innovative model of philanthropy that fosters long-term partnerships rather than one-time gestures of support. We incorporate several different strategies that not only build and strengthen these relationships, but that also help our partners leverage their resources with our support for maximum benefit.

  • Funding: We reserve a percentage of sales to support sponsorships, grants, and entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Donations: We donate our products to support our partners’ ongoing marketing and outreach efforts. 
  • Volunteerism: We encourage our staff to volunteer time and expertise in the organizations we support.
  • Entrepreneurialism: We leverage resources in innovative ways to maximize support.


We support the following organizations:

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