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Because the science behind high quality, full color graphics has grown increasingly complex, the simplest way to guarantee color for your project is to invest in our Color Assurance Program. Please talk to your project manager for more details, or click the link at the right. For more information about color, please continue reading.

The heart of all color is math. Each color has a corresponding number. We support the RGB color gamut. Yes, our printers use CMYK inks, but they have a wider color gamut than the CMYK color gamut can support.

What does this mean to you? It means that if you are working with RGB images, all of the graphics in your design should be defined as RGB colors.  If you are already or regularly working with CMYK files, that is OK too.  Another simple way to get a good color match is to use Pantone colors. You can specify Pantones in your file and then make note of them in the special instructions section of the order form. We will do our best to match those colors -- usually to a high degree of accuracy.

Sound simple? It can be, but each program has its own requirements. You must override most color controls to get accurate color. (Your software is trying to compensate for your monitor and your printers, which in turn modifies your colors -- not good for our output!) Please review the software links above for detailed program-specific information.

Thanks for choosing!

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