Art Specifications

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  • Make sure any bitmap (photograph) files you use will be at least 180 dpi at finished (print) size. 
  • If using Photoshop or other photo editing software, we recommend you set your color space to RGB and turn off any color management. Please include a layered version of your file whenever possible in case color adjustments are necessary.
  • Make sure any files you have linked to your document are included on the disk (or in the e-mail) you send to us. InDesign has a "Package" feature that prepares your document for a service provider; this is the simplest way to ensure your files are complete.
  • Because fonts vary greatly, please include necessary fonts with your files, or convert all type to outlines or paths. Including fonts is a good, recommended practice even when converting to outlines or paths, in case last-minute text edits need to be made.
  • Build at least 1/8" bleed into the file if the printed output is to be trimmed.
  • If possible include a color printout or Acrobat PDF of your file so we can verify your layout design, links, fonts, and color. We will match color to the proof you provide unless instructed otherwise.



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