Panoramic H-Line: Add scalability to your booth

Modular displays are perfect when planning to accommodate several events, with different display sizes.  The Panoramic H-Line is designed around standard panel sizes, that attach together without the use of tools.  Reconfiguring the layout is a snap when expanding from a 10’ booth into a larger 20’ layout.  

Graphics are pre-installed on each panel, making assembly quick, and changing layouts easy.  Panoramic H-Line panels are held in place using a quick-locking key.  Insert, Turn, and Lock in place is all it takes.  Complete set-up for a 20’ display takes less than an hour.  

Outfit your space with function and design.  Panoramic H-Line adds function to your space with modules including shelving, counter tops, storage closets, and multimedia monitor mounts.  Make your display unique with arch ceilings, extended height header graphics, backlight graphics, and divided meeting areas.

PosterGarden offers Panoramic H-Line configurations for standard booth sizes.  Let us know if you have specific needs, so we can customize a layout for you today. 

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