See it and Believe it: PosterGarden's Unique Picture Process

At PosterGarden, we take extra care so that our customers get exactly the displays they want, every time. Not only do our project managers work closely with customers every step of the way, but we also make sure they see the exact display they're going to get — before they get it. 

We do that through our unique ordering process, which keeps everyone informed and on the same page all along. Before we actually produce your display, we send a proof of the graphics so you can see how they'll look. And then once your display has been created, we don't ship it out until we've first taken a final photo and sent it your way. 

PosterGarden Sophora tabletop fabric display

The final photo of Cooper-Atkins' Sophora Tabletop Curve Display

"I love that we get to see a proof before printing and the final product before shipping," says Rebecca Lee, a marketing communications specialist with Cooper-Atkins Corporation, a manufacturer of time, temperature and humidity instruments. "It's a great customer service feature!"

In addition to appreciating the steps we take to ensure accuracy, Lee says Cooper-Atkins, a longtime PosterGarden customer, is always satisfied with product quality and overall customer service. 

"We've been using PosterGarden for a while and feel comfortable ordering products and services from you," she says. "I like that our project manager, Craig Oxley, is knowledgeable about our order history when talking about new orders being placed. I've always liked our service with the company and with him."

(And with the introduction of our newest Sophora Fabric Display, the Varia.Sophora, the world of fabric displays has gotten better than ever. Click the link to find out more.) 

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