Helping our community partners fly

Here at PosterGarden, we believe in supporting our local arts, culture and garden organizations. One way we do that is by helping out with graphics and displays, and one organization we do that for is the Audubon Society of Portland. 

The society, which has more than 14,000 members, does a lot of outreach events to help spread the word about everything it does, from conservation and education to wildlife rehabilitation and bird sanctuaries. To help them really make an impact, they use one of our ShowMax Tabletop Displays and a colorful Table Throw

PosterGarden ShowMax tabletop display

Ann Takamoto, director of development for ASP, says this shot is of volunteer Gary Gross, who staffed the display at the 2014 Earth Day Fair at Portland General Electric. 

"We will be using the display for outreach events with other organizations and corporate partners, as well as our own in-house events, like our International Vulture Awareness Day and our Night Flight Halloween event," she says. "We are proud of it."

Entirely self-contained, portable and reliable, the ShowMax comes with custom-printed graphics, halogen lights and an arched header. An additional header can be added with a custom logo, as well. It's also got built-in wheels so it's incredibly easy to transport. And our table throws come in a variety of bold colors and can be custom-printed with a logo, all to help you spread your good word.


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