Why Graphic Design Is So Important for Your Trade Show Display?

Graphic Design Tips for a Better Trade Show Display

Trade Show Display Graphic Designer

Trade shows remain a powerful marketing opportunity for thousands of businesses. At these massive industry gatherings, you’ll have the potential to meet new clients and close sales, learn about the competition, and raise brand awareness (as well as your reputation).

But to achieve these goals, you’ll need an impressive trade show display, and for your trade show display to be effective, you’ll need high-quality graphic design. But what, exactly, counts as “high-quality,” and why is graphic design so important in the first place?

Trade Show Displays and Graphic Design: Initial Impressions

The shape and position of your trade show display will play some role in whether people see it (and how they initially receive it), but your graphic design may play an even bigger role. Remember, at a trade show, you’re going to be surrounded by dozens of your closest competitors, and they’re all probably going to have signs like yours.

Your first job is to catch someone’s attention and make them interested in your booth. If you can’t do that, the entire trade show may be a bust. Good graphic designers are able to come up with innovative, unique designs that visually stand out from anything else in a given location. The right color, or the right framing could make a sign instantly noticeable from a hundred yards away. Graphic design is also responsible for forming their first, split-second reaction; are they suddenly feeling curious? Or have you evoked an emotion like joy or fear? Have you made them laugh? Have you confused them? Any of these evocations can be effective, so long as your strategy intended them for a specific reason.

Once people notice your trade show display and have a solid impression of your brand, they’ll be much more likely to visit your booth (and start with a good impression of your brand).

Trade Show Displays and Graphic Design: Information and Conversations

Trade show displays are also carriers of information, and serve as the starting point for many conversations your sales reps will have with interested customers. For example, you might list bullet points covering some of the most impressive capabilities of your product, or you might list the cost savings that your services might bring to homeowners over the course of their ownership in the home.

For a display to be effective, these pieces of information have to be placed in a way that makes them easy to read, memorable, and yet simple at the same time. This can be challenging to pull off, especially when you’re also striving to make your signage as visible and as unique as possible. A good graphic design should be able to give your customers enough information that they understand your products and services, while also giving enough prompts to encourage engagement with your booth attendees.

Trade Show Displays and Graphic Design: Memorability and Future Opportunities

One of the most important elements in marketing and advertising is memorability. Are people able to remember what your ad said? Are they able to tie it to your brand, specifically, in their memories? If so, they may proceed with a sale weeks or even months after the trade show (or the initial ad exposure). If not, your efforts may be wasted.

Graphic designers can help you address this challenge in a few key ways. First, they can make sure your brand name is both prominent and tied to the messaging on your trade show display. That way, brand memorability becomes a top priority. Second, they can incorporate signature design elements that can follow your marketing and advertising campaigns in the future, such as specific color combinations, design motifs, or even running jokes. With this approach, you can make your trade show display part of a larger and more immersive ad campaign.

Key Elements of Successful Graphic Design for Trade Shows

Obviously, not all graphic design initiatives with trade show displays are equally effective. So which factors help a trade show display improve its performance?

  • Visibility. First and foremost, your trade show display has to be seen. Investing in a high-quality fabric trade show display can ensure your display is seen from a further distance, but you’ll still need something eye-popping. Good use of colors and positioning can help you achieve this.
  • Differentiation. There are dozens, if not hundreds of other companies sharing the same space as you, so you’ll need some way to set your brand and your advertising materials apart from theirs. Similarly, people are exposed to marketing and advertising practically 24/7. If your signage doesn’t offer something new and unique, it’s going to blend into the background. A good graphic design will have some way to differentiate itself.
  • Aesthetics. You’ll also need to consider the artistic and aesthetic merits of the design. For example, it’s vital to have plenty of white space around your central designs, so your intended audience doesn’t have to strain their eyes, and so your subject matter is clearer.
  • Information placement and readability. Most trade show displays offer at least some information, like where to buy a product or its key features. Where and how you display this information counts. For example, what type of font are you using? Is this font readable? How easy is this information to digest, given its placement?
  • Branding and identity. Finally, your display should have some key branding and identity components. What is it that makes this display uniquely associated with your brand? Will people remember this as belonging to your brand?

If you’re going to stand out with a great design at your next trade show, you’ll need a high-quality fabric trade show display to do it. Take a look at our Sophora and Kontura frames today, and work with a designer to make the most of these powerful brand visibility opportunities. If this is your first trade show, or if you’re feeling indecisive, simply contact us today, and we’ll help you find the display that’s right for you.


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