Make it custom

Bold graphics. Unique design. Simple setup and takedown. California organic farm Bell Rock Growers got all that in their Protia Panel Display from PosterGarden.

PosterGarden Protia Panel Display

But there's even more to it than all that. It's customizable, too.

How so? Simple. The display converts from a 24-foot width to a 10-foot width by eliminating center panels and moving the panels on the right to the left. See?

"This design gives us great flexibility to go from a 10-foot to a 24-foot booth without compromising our imagery and branding," said Mark Teixeira, president of Bell Rock Growers. "Structurally it gives us many options to display our backdrop. At one tradeshow, we had a 10-foot booth space and we had the opportunity to go to a 20-foot space. It was easy to add another 10 feet because of the modular design."

Here's a shot of the display in action. 

Teixeira said that in addition to the flexible options with the Protia Panel Display, he also appreciates how quick and easy the setup is, not to mention that the entire display can be shipped safely in a single Pelican shipping case. It's also been incredibly effective at drawing attention to Bell Rock's booth. 

"We repeatedly get asked by other vendors at tradeshows who made our booth and how our graphics can be seen from down the aisles," he said. ""Customers always comment how the booth stands out and that they are drawn to it by not only the graphics, but the size of the backdrop, too."

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