Popup displays with a little more pop

Looking for a popup display that has a little something more to offer? Solea Software Solutions, a Portland, Ore. technology consulting firm, was — and they found it with PosterGarden's Panora and Varia.Elements displays. 

PosterGarden Via Panora Popup Display

The Via Panora Popup Display, Via Panora Counter, and the Varia.Elements, which Solea Software Solutions used at the 2013 Liferay Symposium in San Francisco. The brochure rack on the left is also a Double Alisma from PosterGarden.  

Part of PosterGarden's Via line of portable displays, the Panora popup features a durable, lightweight aluminum frame that sets up quickly and easily with magnetic connectors.

It is available as a carpet popup display or with full-color Lexan graphics, and it comes in a range of sizes and shapes, including 10-foot straight and curved models and 20-foot straight, gullwing or serpentine models. All of the same features also make up the Via Panora Counter, as well.

The little something extra? The Panora has an optional LCD monitor mount that lets you add a monitor, weighing up to 16 pounds, to the display. 

PosterGarden Via.Panora Popup Display

Solea utilized that option on not only its Panora, but also on its Varia.Elements display. The Varia.Elements is one of PosterGarden's most versatile displays and features a tool-free setup, adjustable feet, optional lighting and, yes, an LCD monitor mounting bracket. 

                                                           PosterGarden Varia Elements

But wait! There's more! Solea employees got even more out of their PosterGarden display, turning their shipping case into an impromptu computer stand in their hotel room. Pretty crafty!

                                    PosterGarden Panora Popup Display



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