Our fabric popups and banner stands head off to the races

We've got to admit, with their bright and colorful graphics, it's easy to say that the Via Kontura Popup Display is fun. Same with our Linea Banner Stands. But there's something even more fun about one particular batch of portable displays — who we made them for. 

Portland Meadows.

PosterGarden Linea Banner Stand

PosterGarden Linea Banner Stand Yes, we made these particular displays and a few others for Portland Meadows, the classic, nearly 70-year-old horse racing track in North Portland. They're part of a big campaign to drum up new fans of horse racing in Oregon by attracting people to the track and teaching them how to understand it. 
It's fun to have all different kinds of customers from all over the place and in all kinds of businesses. But it's also fun to have some from right here in our hometown. It's even more fun to have some who specialize in something as exciting and intriguing as horse racing. 
If you've never been to the races, it's something to put on your list. Not only are the races themselves fun to watch, but there's the whole scene that goes along with it as well.
There's a bugler decekd in a red coat and black top hat who  blows the "Call to Post" before every race. There are women in fancy hats. There's the pre-race horse inspection in the paddock, where anyone can eyeball the horses and see who looks like they might be in top form for that race. There are jockeys in colorful silks, the starting gate, the bell, the "They're off!" and, of course, the winner's circle. 
And if you're a betting kind of person — or even if you're not — there's the whole wagering part of horse racing as well. For first-timers, it's not necessarily an easy system to figure out. But Portland Meadows, with a little help from the Kontura Popup Display, does a pretty good job of helping people learn what they're doing. Here's a class on how to read the program and place bets, with our displays front and center. 
Via Kontura Popup Display
And here's a close up of one of the displays. 
Via Kontura Popup Display
If it seems a little confusing, well, it kind of is, at first anyway. But once you get the hang of it, and once you throw in all the other elements of Portland Meadows, it actually turns out to be a lot of fun. 
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