Getting the most out of the Varia.Elements display

Talk about versatility. 

Our Varia.Elements display is the first complete display component system that lets you truly customize a portable display. Need a regular banner stand with full-color, custom-printed graphics? That's Varia.Elements at its very simplest. One of our customers, the Optical Society (OSA) recently ordered some colorful graphics for their Varia.Elements for just that kind of use.

Want a display that does even more than that? Say, one that can accommodate an LCD monitor or a sturdy shelf? Varia.Elements does all that, too, with the help of an LCD monitor bracket or shelf attachment. And yes, OSA ordered a graphic just for that use so that they'll be able to get even more out of their Varia.Elements.

PosterGarden Varia.Elements Display

Here's what Varia.Elements looks like when its all decked out with the monitor and shelf. Not bad at all, eh?

Varia.Elements can also be paired with other displays like the Sophora tension fabric display or the Varia.Lux Retractable Banner Stand, which opens up even more options in this one incredibly versatile display. 

To top all that off, Terence Rooney, program and development manager for the OSA, said both the Varia.Elements and the OSA's entire experience with PosterGarden have been great. 

"Our Project Manager, Craig Oxley, was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire process," he said. "The product was great and came to the right location with great speed and quality. Thank you for all that you do!"

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