Catching on: The Protia Panel Display

A few weeks ago, we published a story about one of our customers who'd found a unique way to use their Protia Panel Display. Turns out that it's such a good idea, others are doing it too. 

The idea initially came with our customer Bell Rock Growers, an organic farm in California. They went with a Protia Panel Display, but they designed the graphics in a way that the display could be reconfigured depending upon where they were going to use it. 

Here's how it looks for use as a 24-foot wide display:

Protia Panel Display

But when they need it for a smaller venue, they can just leave out the center panels and turn it into an awesome 10-foot display:

Protia Panel Display

Another one of our customers, The Crump Group, which makes natural pet treats, came across Bell Rock Growers' display at a show recently. They liked what they saw so much, they followed suit with their own custom-printed Protia Panel Display. Here's how their graphics look. 

Protia Panel Display

And here's the full-size display, complete with a Via.Panora Counter, in action at the Ottawa Pet Expo on Nov. 8-9. 

Protia panel display and Panora Counter


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