A New Look Every Day with the Protia Panel Display

About five years ago, John Saville, a senior graphic designer with the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, ordered one of our Protia Panel Displays. Five years later, he's still using it. And somehow, it still looks new and fresh every time ARVO takes it to a show or conference. 

That's because the Protia's high-tech aluminum-skinned panels are incredibly easy to swap out. Anytime you need a new image or a new message, you simply order a new panel and you're on your way with a new display. 

"We are constantly updating the panels, not the whole display," Saville said. "(PosterGarden Project Manager) Joshua Braman doesn't flinch when I order just a few panels and have them shipped to a meeting site for a show in which we're exhibiting." 

Here's how ARVO's original Protia looked when it was first ordered. 

PosterGarden Protia Panel Display

Here's one of the later updates.

PosterGarden Protia Panel Display

And another.

PosterGarden Protia Panel Display

 ARVO hasn't always updated the entire Protia Panel Display, either. Sometimes it's just a custom panel or two. Here are a few they've woven in (or will be weaving in) over the years.

PosterGarden Protia Panel Display  PosterGarden Protia Panel Display

PosterGarden Protia Panels

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