A Different Kind of EnergyBar

In this day and age, it's practically imperative to have electricity in your tradeshow booth. You need it for lights, powering LED monitors and recharging tablets and smartphones. But some shows charge up to $500 for it. We've got another — better — option.

Meet the EnergyBar 250, a portable, lightweight power source that charges mobile devices, powers monitors and gives you all the juice you need for your tradeshow display. 

PosterGarden EnergyBar 250

At just 8 pounds, the EnergyBar 250 is lightweight enough to pack in a suitcase. It holds 250 watt hours of battery power and can be fully recharged back at the hotel in just five hours.

Though power usage and demand varies, some example scenarios for using the EnergyBar 250 include powering two PosterGarden LED Banner Stand Lights for approximately 10 to 12 hours or two PosterGarden LED Popup Lights for between seven and nine hours. Other scenarios with one Energy Bar: recharge a slim laptop and power one LED television during a tradeshow; recharge iPads and a slim laptop and power LED display lights; or recharge iPads and one full-size laptop. The configurations are endless and become even more so with multiple EnergyBar 250s. 



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