A Bamboo X-Banner and an intrepid author get together at Wordstock

A lively author from New Zealand who wouldn't take no for an answer found a way to get her memoir published and ended up landing a speaking gig at last weekend's Wordstock literary festival in Portland. (An event we were part of, too!) Helping her spread the word: PosterGarden's environmentally-friendly Bamboo X-Banner

PosterGarden Bamboo X-Banner The author, Rebekah Tyler, has a pretty amazing story, which she wrote about in her book Full Tilt. It goes a little something like this: (Borrowed from the Wordstock festival bio)

Eight months, six countries, two boys, one mother and loads of baggage are the ingredients of Full Tilt. This fearless and spirited memoir about love, loss and belonging is her first book.

Orphaned at four, Rebekah was brought up by her grandmother. Already struggling with raising her two sons as a single mother, she reached breaking point when her grandmother died. When her son Marco begged her to stop crying she knew things had to change.

Four months later, she sold her house, quit her job and took her two sons, aged two and ten, on an eight-month adventure around the world, traveling to Canada, England, France, Spain, Italy and Vietnam.

On her return to New Zealand, Rebekah wrote her memoir, hoping to find an agent to publish her manuscript.When there was no response, she tried another idea: mailing NZ gift boxes that included the manuscript to various celebrities in the UK and US, hoping for their endorsement. None came.

This did not deter Rebekah, who launched an energetic Kickstarter project to raise funds for publishing. Her funding goal was exceeded within the first two weeks of her campaign. 

During Rebekah’s Kickstarter campaign, supporters on America’s West Coast prompted her to contact the director of Wordstock, who later invited her to speak at the 2013 festival. 

Within hours, Rebekah was booked on a flight to Portland, excited by this opportunity to share Full Tilt with writers and readers in the US.

For her space at Wordstock, Tyler used one of PosterGarden's Bamboo X-Banners, an eye-catching, lightweight and durable display that's got an environmentally-friendly character to boot. Not only is the display's frame made from sustainable bamboo, but the EcoWeave graphics are made from recycled plastic bottles, all of which ties in nicely with Tyler's mobile book cart. It's a good match all-around. 

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