Outdoor Event Printed Tent Vitabri Lite


Look better for less than all the rest.

Our Vitabri Lite Event Tent gives you what no other tent can: creativity, value, and a leg up. Print your custom graphics in any color anywhere on the pop up tent – all for less than most charge for just two colors. Heads will turn. Jaws will drop. Business will soar. These are the event tents you want..


  • Vitabri Lite Tents are made from Commercial Anodized Aluminum that is Versatile and Lightweight!
  • Our pop up tents are printed with our full-color dye sublimation process, which costs less – and looks better! – than our competitors’.
  • These portable canopies have simple, lightweight aluminum frames with sturdy, hexagonal uprights for maximum stability.
  • Top-grade fabric on our party tent has been designed to resist sun damage, wind load and moisture.
  • Optional accessories for our pop up tents include rail skirts, sidewalls, heavy-duty rail skirt bar clamps, wind protection sets, and ballast sand bags.
  • Conveniently lightweight, 35 lbs, for effortless transportation and portability. Graphic weighs 8 lbs. Options: Case weighs 4 lbs, Pro Wind Protection Set weighs 9 lbs, Ballast Sand Bag weighs 1 lb.
  • The Vitabri Event Tent comes with a 2-year warranty.
Description Weight Shipping Size
10’ x 10’ Aluminum Tent Frame 46 lbs 60”x13”x13”
Graphic Top 16 lbs 16”x16”x4”
Graphic Sidewall 6 lbs n/a
Graphic Railskirt w/Aluminum Railskirt Bar 6 lbs n/a
Vitabri Tent Roller Bag 6 lbs 60”x13”x13”
Wind Protection Set 9 lbs n/a
Ballast Sand Bag 1 lbs n/a