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Arctic Weave™ Fabric: A dye-sublimated wrinkle-resistant woven 7.5oz polyester fabric that is constructed from three layers of fabric tightly woven together. This extraordinary material features superior print quality, unbeatable opacity and a stunning bright white appearance. Arctic Weave is the perfect choice for PosterGarden’s banner stands, full-color printed table throws and runners.

20mil Lexan®​: Lexan polycarbonate is known throughout the world for it’s incredible toughness. This ultra high-end material is commonly used in blast shields and aerospace applications that demand a higher standard of quality and strength. Our Lexan polycarbonate graphic media is perfect for the rigors of the tradeshow world.  It resists curling and is ultra-durable, dent- and scratch-resistant, stable in hot and cold temperatures, lays perfectly flat and is flame retardant. Lexan also has a beautiful, high-quality textured matte finish. The 10mil is available on all our banner stands and panel popups, the 20mil is available on our panel popups and drapery headers.

TerraPro™: This 7mil polyester film lays completely flat even after it’s been rolled up, has an excellent white point and prints colors with amazing vibrancy. TerraPro has a gloss appearance when un-printed, and takes on a matte textured finish where our UV Curable Inks are applied. This material is 100% recyclable. Also, our UV Curable printing process is more environmentally sound than other methods on the market today because it uses no solvents during the curing process.

SoftKnit™ Fabric: Identical to our former SoftKnit material, this full-color dye-sublimated 6.4oz fabric is 100% polyester and is great for our Fabric PopUps. Plus, it contains 100% recycled post-industrial and post-consumer content, so it helps conserve natural resources, reduce energy, and cut down on petroleum use.

EcoWeave™ Fabric: A dye-sublimated woven 6.4oz polyester made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, EcoWeave prints graphics with an eye-catching brilliance, hangs flat and resists wrinkles. It is an ideal environmentally-friendly graphic option and is 100% recyclable when it's time to update your display. 

PolyFlag Fabric: Durable enough for outdoor use but light enough for a soft, flowing look, this full-color dye-sublimated 3.9 oz polyester fabric prints with a slightly lighter mirror image on the back, which gives our Event Flags an attractive two-sided appearance.

Waterfall Fabric: Used in our Event Tents, this full-color dye-sublimated 6oz calendared polyester fabric is water resistant, and will keep you dry in the rain but cool in the sun.

EcoStretch™ Fabric: This 8.5oz knit fabric is earth-friendly and made with 94% recycled polyester and 6% Lycra. It gives equal stretch in both directions and is wrinkle resistant.

Scrim Vinyl: Perfect for our Drapery Headers and Banners, this 13oz polyester reinforced scrim vinyl lays flat and is ultra durable, water-resistant, and easy to maintain. It’s also tear- and crease-resistant and works well with hems or grommets.

Aluminum Protia Panels: The panels in our Protia Panel Displays are high-tech aluminum skinned 3mm panels with a lightweight foam core. These panels offer the same strength and rigidity characteristics of 5 mm acrylic or 1.8 mm solid aluminum at half the overall weight.

Media Care: 
It’s easy to keep your portable displays in top form with a little basic care and maintenance.                                                          

Fabrics without zippers or hook and loop fasteners: Machine wash cold and hang dry. If necessary, iron with a medium setting with steam.        

Fabrics with zippers or hook and loop fasteners: Hand wash with cold water and mild detergent; hang dry. In order to avoid watermarks, make sure the entire piece of fabric is soaked in water before hanging to dry.

UV Items, Lexan, TerraPro, Scrim Vinyl, and the Protia Panels: Wipe off dirt and scuff marks with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) or a glass cleaner such as Windex. 

We guarantee all of our print media to be fade-resistant for one year outdoors and two years indoors. In addition, all our print media comply with NFPA 701 small- scale flame-resistant standards; contact your Project Manager should you need a certificate of flame resistance. Fabrics are colorfast for washing in cold water but should be hang-dried only. Fabrics should not be dry-cleaned. Any use of chemicals with the fabrics will void the warranty.