The Versatile VIA\Vecta

Looking for a banner stand that can create the perfect backdrop or impact in all kinds of different settings? PosterGarden's VIA|Vecta Retractable Banner Stand may be just the display for you. 

One of the reasons the VIA\Vecta is so versatile is because it is available in four different widths — more than we offer with any of our other retractable banner stands. The VIA\Vecta comes in 24", 34", 40" and 48" widths, all of which are perfect on their own or paired up depending on what you need. 


The 48" VIA\Vecta really creates an impressively large graphic that grabs attention with its imposing size. Two of them together can make an impressive and economical 8-foot backdrop for a small tradeshow booth.                                                                                                                

                       Via Vecta Retractable Banner Stand         

Because of their bold graphics, the 34" and 40" VIA\Vectas also work well as single displays or paired together.


                                            Two 34" VIA\Vectas done for the Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland. 

The slim 24" VIA\Vecta really lends itself well to anywhere that has limited space, such as a small retail shop with a lot of merchandise but not a lot of room. That said, the 24" Vecta can work in just about any setting. 

                                              24" VIA\Vecta Retractible Display           24" VIA\Vecta Retractable Banner Stand

                                  Two 24" VIA\VECTA Retractable Banner Stands done for School Innovations & Achievement. 

And finally, pairing up different widths of the VIA\Vecta can create a really unique visual display in the tradeshow environment — or anywhere you need to make a big impact. 

                                   VIA Vecta retractable banner stand

                                                  Side-by-side: a 40" VIA\Vecta and a 24" VIA\Vecta done for Glidecam. 

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