When you need a little flexibility, PosterGarden's the best bet

Juvenile products manufacturer Dorel Juvenile finds itself at a wide range of conferences and events all over North America. At some, the company reserves a 10-foot-by-10-foot space; at others, it goes for a larger 20-by-20 space. That variation also allows the company to showcase as many of the products that it needs to depending on the event. 

It also requires a little flexibility from the portable displays that Dorel Juvenile uses at its events. That's why the company recently went with PosterGarden's Varia.Soprhora 10-Foot Fan Display

                       PosterGarden Varia.Sophora 10-Foot Fan Display

An image of one of Dorel Juvenile's Varia.Sophora 10-Foot Fan Displays for its Cosco brand. 

The Varia.Sophora is an incredibly unique fabric display system for any tradeshow or event. Its central hubs, straight and curved aluminum tubing and push-button connectors create an array of shapes that assemble easily and without tools. Full-color, custom-printed graphics slip over the frame, and shelving and monitor brackets for some models allow for even more customization. In addition to the Fan, the Varia.Sophora is available in several configurations, including 20-foot, 10-foot, tower and tabletop, but thanks to its versatility, almost any design is possible. 

Daniel Dias, brand ambassador and trade show manager for Dorel Juvenille, said the Varia.Sophora Fan's flexibility allows the company to merchandise as much or as little product needed for a particular event. In addition, because Dorel was shipping the display to eight different conferences across the U.S., keeping shipping and labors costs low were key. The Varia.Sophora fit that bill perfectly. And, Dias added, PosterGarden rounded out the experienc with its trademark customer service edge. 

"Simply put, (project manager) Dustin Louie and Poster Garden gave me five-star service," he said. "My Life Savers Conference Booth looked great thanks to your team. The order was 100 percent accurate, and the materials were well packed and easy to assemble and tear down."

                    PosterGarden Varia.Sophora 10-Foot Fan Display




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