The Very First: A 10-Foot Varia.Sophora Wave

Earlier this year, we introduced one of our most innovative displays ever, the Varia.Sophora Fabric Display. And while we've been producing them ever since, we've just completed one of the most unique configurations yet: the first-ever 10-foot Varia.Sophora Wave display.

We've got to admit: it's pretty stunning. 

PosterGarden Varia.Sophora Wave

This first Varia.Sophora Wave is for our customer, the Tilt-up Concrete Association, a nonprofit trade association for the tilt-up concrete construction industry. 

The display, which features push-button connectors for a tool-free assembly and solid aluminum components and 2-inch tubing for durability, uses EcoKnit pillowcase graphics that slip easily over the frame. And while the Varia.Sophora Wave's shape alone is enough to give it some real dimension, all Varia.Sophora displays now come with two-sided graphics for the same price as single-sided ones. 

PosterGarden Varia.Sophora 10-foot Wave fabric display

The Varia.Sophora 10-foot Wave is just one of this versatile display's available sizes and configurations, which also include towers, tabletop, straight, curved, J-curve, and swoosh. Have an idea for a design of your own? Talk to a project manager and let us help bring it to life. 


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