Protia Power

One picture can really say a lot. Take this one. It shows Eleven Wireless Inc.'s booth setup at the recent HITEC 2013 show in Minneapolis. Notice how much different — how much nicer — it looks compared to its neighbors? The key: the Protia Panel Display

Protia Panel Display

In addition to a look that really sets it apart, the Protia is all about about simplicity, innovation, and sustainability. Its simple hub and panel design make it easy to set up, and our custom wall, tower and tabletop configurations are ideal for full-color graphics. The Protia’s graphics are printed on high tech aluminum-skinned 3 mm panels with a lightweight foam core. These panels offer the same strength and rigidity characteristics of 5 mm acrylic or 1.8 mm solid aluminum at half the overall weight. And they really look sharp.

Protia Panel Display

Protia Panel Display         Protia Panel Display

                                                                                                                                                            Photos courtesy Eleven Wireless

In addition to a range of different tabletop and wall configurations, the Protia Panel Display also comes in several tower options. See them all here