Yakima Products found solid customer service — and portable displays — when it came to PosterGarden this summer.

When Raul Bonifacio, a project coordinator with Yakima Products Inc., went to order new graphics for the company's VIA\Kontura Fabric Popup Displays, he almost inadvertently ordered the wrong size. 

Thankfully, Dustin Louie, a PosterGarden Project Manager, was paying close attention. 

"Dustin was very knowledgeable about your products, and I almost ordered the wrong size prints," Bonifacio said. "He double-checked the size of the frame we ordered last year and made the correction. This could have been a real big mistake on my part."

What Bonifacio needed were new graphics for Yakima's 8-foot and 10-foot VIA\Kontura Fabric Popup Displays. The company had ordered the original displays and graphics last year but needed to refresh the messaging this time around.

PosterGarden VIA Kontura Popup Display

In addition to offering replaceable graphics, the VIA\Kontura Fabric Popup Display also features an easy setup and takedown, a strong though lightweight military-grade aluminum frame and options like a blackout layer to create a completely opaque look and an LCD monitor mount that will hold a monitor weighing up to 16 pounds. The VIA\Kontura also comes in a range of practical and creative sizes and shapes


On top of Louie helping Bonifacio choose the right graphics for Yakima's VIA\Kontura displays, Bonifacio also said his project manager was also just a big help from start to finish, something that helps make PosterGarden what it is.

"He answered phone calls instantly when able. When I had to leave voicemails he called me back within an hour," he said. "He helped explain the process, did follow-up emails and was great all around."





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