A unique — and totally Portland — way to use a PosterGarden Event Flag

OK, we've seen some unique ways to use our displays, but Nick Hardigg and the Portland Parks Foundation may have just raised the bar to new heights. 

Hardigg is executive director of PPF, a nonprofit that works to raise resources and support for Portland's renowned park system. The organization is also one of the community partners that we support through the PosterGarden Fund for Arts, Culture & Gardens

Looking to drum up support for a parks bond that's on the November ballot in Portland, Hardigg took to the streets with his bike — and a PosterGarden Event Flag in tow. 

PosterGarden Event Flag

We wondered, did it work?

"We tried this out for Sunday Parkways," Hardigg said. "It was a great hit and conversation starter. Next year, we plan to fully outfit a bike for outreach all summer long, complete with brochure racks. Are you in for outfitting a prototype PosterGarden Parkmobile? Your guinea pig awaits you!"

Now there's an idea . . . 




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